October 25, 2015

An end to a great experience in Panama


By Greg Sullivan, USGC International Intern, Panama City, Panama.

My time has come to an end here in Panama. It has been an enjoyably long summer that has afforded me the opportunity to meet some fascinating people and experience some once-in-a-lifetime events. From volunteering at a youth event to jumping off of a waterfall to coordinating an international agriculture conference in a foreign country, there will be no shortage of memories and experiences from which to draw upon in the latter stages of my life. Even though the full value and extent of this experience will not hit me for some time there are three areas of learning that likely occurred during my time here and will provide a solid platform upon which further academic and professional learning will occur. They are a better understanding of the role of the USGC in the global agriculture markets, a better understanding of the markets for US grains in Latin America, and an interesting living experience in a new culture.  

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