December 11, 2014

U.S. Senator Johanns bids farewell

U.S. Sen. Mike Johanns has forever been a supporter of Nebraska Agriculture.

In his final term as U.S. Senator from Nebraska, Johanns delivered his farewell address on the Senate floor. Below are some excerpts of his remarks:

“From my first day as a county commissioner, throughout my service as a Lincoln City Council Member, as Mayor of our capital city, Lincoln, as the Governor of Nebraska, in President Bush’s Cabinet and now as a United States Senator, no doubt about it, if I could turn back the clock I’d just do it again. I am so grateful for the trust placed in me and the support of so many people who have made this service possible…

“In my various roles, I’ve been with world leaders, spiritual heads, cultural icons, presidents, vice presidents, prime ministers, queens and kings – all memorable experiences, to be sure. But I will say… that’s not the extraordinary people about that I speak about today. My real inspiration comes from ordinary people who I’ve observed and watched do remarkable, extraordinary things…

“There were victories won during my time here and I am pleased to have led some of those charges. Yet, I have to acknowledge, many battles do remain. I would be dishonest if I denied feeling some frustration over the absence of will to address issues of paramount importance to our country. But I know that no issue is powerful enough to shred the fabric of our great nation. Rather, these challenges are overpowered by the ordinary people who do extraordinary things, by the character of our people, and by the wisdom of our Founders.”

Watch the YouTube video for his full remarks:

Thank you, Sen. Johanns for your support of Nebraska agriculture and service to the state!

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