December 31, 2014

12 Nebraska Corn Kernels blogs in the spotlight from 2014

On this last day of the year, we want to thank our Nebraska Corn Kernels readers for their continued support for coming back month after month to follow what we're doing, reading stories and learning about issues affecting Nebraska's corn industry as well as all of agriculture.

Here are the Top 12 posts of 2014 - if you missed one, now's your time to check it out!

January - January 15 by Curt Tomasevicz
February - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: A GMO story
March - Brazil Biofuels Mission – Every gallon of gas includes ethanol.
April - FARMLAND Documentary in theaters May 1
May - Geography of U.S. Agriculture
June - 10 reasons to use ethanol-blended fuel this summer
July - U.S. Grains meets in Nebraska this week; still covering issues with China, DDGS
August - Water: Making every drop count
September - What are the uses of corn?
October - FARMLAND film available for digital download
November - What's with this 'Factory Farm' business?
December - 95 reasons to support U.S. grain & red meat exports
Happy New Year and cheers to new "seeds" of opportunity in 2015!

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