September 4, 2013

Why So Hot?

Corn kernels are starting to dent
For the week ending September 1st, temperatures were well above normal combined with limited rainfall. This further reduced soil moisture supplies and stressed dryland crops. According to USDA's NASS pockets of rain occurred during the week, but no wide spread rainfall was received in Nebraska.

Over half the corn crop has reached the dent stage. Statewide producers had 6.7 days suitable for fieldwork.

Topsoil moisture supplies rated 64 percent short/very short, 36 percent adequate and 0 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture levels came in at 74 percent short/very short, 26 percent adequate and 0 percent surplus.

Corn is still around 7 feet tall!
All corn conditions rated 6 percent very poor, 8 percent poor, 22 percent fair, 45 percent good, and 19 percent excellent. Irrigated corn conditions were 82 percent good or excellent, compared to the 75 percent average. Dryland corn rated 39 percent good or excellent which is considerably lower than the 58 percent average. Corn in dough was 93 percent, behind 100 percent last year but near the 95 percent average this year. Corn dented was 51 percent, behind 91 percent last year and the 70 percent average this year. Corn mature was 1 percent, well behind 34 percent last year and 9 percent average this year.

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