September 6, 2013

Podcast: NCGA DuPont New Leader Program

In this podcast, Dan Nerud of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, shares about the need to develop young agricultural leaders who can take part in a national conversation—and build credibility, trust and support for American agriculture. The goal is to create the next generation of leaders, advocates and spokespeople for U.S. agriculture..

The National Corn Growers Association and DuPont have announced a new program designed to do just that. The NCGA DuPont New Leader Program brings young farmers and young farm couples from across the nation to two sessions to develop and hone their communications and leadership skills.

The application deadline is September 13th. There is no cost for participants. For more information, call Lindsay at the Nebraska Corn Growers Association office in Lincoln toll free at 1-888-267-6479.

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