September 11, 2013

September Corn Products Spotlight: Corn Board

Well, school is back in full swing and if you spend time on a college campus long enough you are sure to find one thing. That one thing is something that few people have mastered but, many are trying. This item is no longer a bike. This one thing I am talking about is a long board, and surprisingly enough, you can purchase a long board made out of corn wood. Yes, you read right there is such a thing as corn wood.

A company that goes by the name Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. is the company responsible for this idea. I have done some research on how this mysterious corn wood is made and the answer is from corn stover. Corn stover is an abundant and underused biomass substance that can be pressed into a hard material that is similar to wood. Scientists at the University of Illinois discovered the process of making this product and have now patented the material calling it “Corn Board”.

Corn Board Manufacturing, Inc. is able to make anything out of corn wood instead of plain wood. They make tables, chairs, pallets, the world’s longest long board, you name it! The best part about this company is they realize the environmental advantages corn wood has. One acre of corn uses 8 tons of carbon dioxide in a growing season, so growing corn is an easy way to help reduce the effects of greenhouse gasses. Also by using corn, which grows faster than trees, we are able to save forests.

I have never thought about using a long board as a way of transportation. Mainly because I’m positive I would fall and break something; however, if I was a dare devil I would purchase a corn board long board!

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