July 22, 2013

Soil Moisture Continues to Decrease

This corn is fully tasseled.
Yet another week with low precipitation levels stressed dryland corn and forced irrigation to be taking place statewide. USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service reported pockets of rain occurring early and late in the week but no general rainfall was received this week as crops neared peak moisture demands. Statewide producers had 6.6 days considered suitable for field work.

Topsoil moisture supplies declined and rated 26 percent very short, 44 percent short, 30 percent adequate, and 0 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies declined this week as well rating 35 percent very short, 40 percent short, 25 percent adequate, and 0 percent surplus.

All corn conditions rated 4 percent very poor, 7 percent poor, 23 percent fair, 50 percent good, and only 16 percent excellent. For irrigated corn only conditions rated 82 percent good or excellent, compared to the 75 percent average. For dryland corn conditions rated 45 percent good or excellent, compared to 68 percent average. The poorest dryland conditions were reported in South Central counties.

Corn silking was reported 50 percent complete which is well behind last years 85 percent average.

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An up close view of corn tassels.

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