April 22, 2013

For Nebraska's corn farmers, every day is Earth Day.

For Nebraska's corn farmers, every day is Earth Day.

Nebraska corn farmers have a first-hand understanding of Earth Day. Who else can claim to be an environmentalist, as well as a wildlife, water and soil conservationist while being an economist, weatherman, marketer and communicator?

The recognition of Earth Day should include farmers. While it is a day that was started to inspire awareness and a better appreciation of the environment, it should include the contributions made by farmers every year. 

We are also proud to celebrate Earth Day with ethanol. Another way to participate on Earth Day, that is both environmentally friendly and easier on your wallet, is to fill up your vehicle with a renewable fuel, such as ethanol. Ethanol has been proven to reduce tailpipe carbon monoxide by as much as 30 percent and also reduces particulate matter up to 50 percent. 

We can also celebrate Earth Day with corn-based PLA -- polylactic acid -- because it is clean, green and renewable, and it replaces petroleum-based alternatives. Since PLA is produced from corn at a plant in Blair, Nebraska, it's nice to feature it here from time to time (that's local, folks!). 

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