April 23, 2013

Podcast: Key Bills Supported by the Nebraska Corn Growers Association

In this podcast, Mick Mines, registered lobbyist for the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, shares two specific pieces of state legislation that are of interest to Nebraska corn producers.

The first is LB354, which would change the structure of the Nebraska Corn Board. In the process, there would be some changes in the way Nebraska's corn checkoff is administered. One change is that board members would be elected by corn farmers, rather than appointed by the Governor. The Nebraska Corn Growers Association supports LB354 since we believe it will provide greater flexibility for checkoff investments and activities—and will continue to provide an effective avenue for corn farmers to invest in their industry.

The other of importance is LB517  -  Senator Tom Carlson's priority bill. The bill proposes to create a "Water Sustainability Project Task Force." This task force would work from June through December of this year to identify water projects in Nebraska that deserve funding—with a special emphasis on water conservation. While the bill is certainly of great importance to irrigators, it has an effect on all water users in the state from municipalities to industry to recreational users. The intended outcome is to implement a statewide strategy that will help all of us better manage this precious resource that is so critically important to your farm—and to the state's economy.

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