April 22, 2010

Corn-based PLA turning up in more places

Corn-basd PLA -- polylactic acid -- is clean, green and renewable, and it replaces petroleum-based alternatives. Since PLA is produced from corn at a plant in Blair, Nebraska, it's nice to feature it here from time to time.

Today being Earth Day, it makes sense to feature it again, even though PLA cups were featured yesterday and those snack chip bags a couple of weeks ago. Oh, heck. Just click here for all the PLA posts. (One of my favorites is "Your corn is calling.")

Today's PLA product came as a surprise during a recent trip to the grocery store. We needed some margarine. And there, before my eyes, was Fleischmann's margarine with a tamper band made from EarthFirst PLA. This wasn't hidden or just saying "made with PLA" -- it proudly proclaimed "made from corn."

Sure, there were lots of margarine brands on the shelf.

But can you guess which one found it's way into my basket?

We're seeing PLA turn up in more and more places -- and that's just the beginning of things that can be made from corn and other ag products to replace those currently made from petroleum.

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