April 12, 2010

Ethanol: Independent, Clean, Renewable, Peace, Sensible, Economic

A series of TV ads touting ethanol began airing today across four news channels - Fox, CNN, HLN and MSNBC.

The ads from Growth Energy, which had a news conference in DC this morning to talk about ethanol and the messages conveyed in the ads. Meetings about the messages are also happening around the country, including Nebraska.

In DC, Tom Buis, Growth Energy's CEO, said, "For too long, we have allowed our opponents to define who we are. That ends today."

According to the ethanol organization, the six-month, $2.5 million national TV campaign is a first for the industry. More than half the spots will air during primetime.

"This ad campaign is designed to reach beyond the Beltway to communicate those facts about ethanol to the broader American public – people who until now have only heard one side of the story," said (Ret.) Gen. Wesley K. Clark, Growth Energy co-chairman.

Each of the six, 15-second spots focuses on a particular message about ethanol: Independent, Clean, Renewable, Peace, Sensible and Economic.

I've embedded two here, but to see the others, click here.

This video is about energy independence:

This spot is on the economics of ethanol:

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