August 30, 2012

The Summer at NCGA

By Sandra Kavan, NCGA-St. Louis intern
Three months have gone by very fast! Back in Nebraska and working on my last semester of classes. I will remember the summer of 2012 as my first internship that made a very large impact in my life. My internship was in St. Louis with the National Corn Growers Association where I learned more than I could imagine, plus all my knowledge on corn and farming practices were tested and challenged.

During my last of month of working at NCGA, I was able to attend the Production, Stewardship and Livestock (PSAT) Action Team meetings and also Corn Congress. During the PSAT meeting I learned about the many different aspects of PSAT and about the members in PSAT. Some of the speakers went more into depth about issues I have learned in classes and at NCGA, while some information was a little over my head because I did not know very much background on it.

After Corn Congress, I continued to stay busy putting the finishing touches to some of my projects, working on my presentation for NCGA, and assisting with the Corn Yield Contest. I really learned numerous things from all the projects in all the different departments. I learned more about biotechnology and the different advancements that they are making. Many of the biotechnology projects tested my knowledge with great mini biotechnology lessons. I looked up congressional districts for the locks and dams on the Mississippi River, Illinois Waterway, and Lower Ohio River as a reference for staff members in both NCGA offices. The largest project that I worked on was for a research web portal for NCGA and membership states. While working on the research web portal, I was able to read over all the different research membership states have and are funding/working on.

It was a busy last couple of weeks with relaxing weekends and a great opportunity that enjoyed very much. I never thought my summer could be that great while spending my first summer being much further than 30 miles from home and the farm.

Thank you National Corn Growers Association for hosting me for the summer! Thank you Nebraska Corn Board for the opportunity to work at NCGA in the St. Louis office! The experience I gained from this summer will really help me when I am looking for a career after graduation. All of the people that I was able to meet and interact with on a daily basis made for a very welcoming and enjoyable summer!

The National Corn Growers Association headquarters office in St. Louis hosted Sandra Kavan of Wahoo, Neb., as their first summer intern supported by a partnership between the Nebraska Corn Board and NCGA. Sandra will be a senior in agribusiness at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. 

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