March 5, 2012

Podcast: Bt compliance program helps ensure proper refuge acres

In this podcast, Joel High, a farmer from Bertrand and member of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, discusses the updated Bt compliance program that began last year.

The upgraded program was created as part the Environmental Protection Agency process when Bt corn was re-registered. It is designed to improve compliance with insect resistance management requirements.

High notes that one major change to the compliance program was how on-farm compliance assessments were done. In previous years, it was random.

"Last year, though, it was more targeted and based on purchase history," he said. "Each technology company independently reviewed available sales data for its Bt customers and assessments were conducted with growers who may have purchased not enough refuge seed."

Be sure to listen for information on compliance results and how re-assessing out of compliance farms is handled.

"The organization overseeing the compliance program said it was pleased with the outcome because it shows the program is working and that a majority of growers are following guidelines," High said.
High encouraged farmers to work with their seed dealers and trait developers to understand the enhanced requirements under the compliance program and then follow-through. The National Corn Grower Association's insect resistance management refuge calculator may help, too.

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