March 30, 2012

Podcast: Agricultural Issues Academy an incredible experience

In this podcast, Alix Mashino, a senior at Boyd High School and a member of the West Boyd FFA Chapter in Spencer, Nebraska, talks about her experience at the inaugural Agricultural Issues Academy held before the Nebraska State FFA Convention a year ago.

She noted it was an incredible experience that changed how she looks at the agricultural industry.

"As an agriculturist, I feel it is our duty to tell our own story to the best of our abilities. We are each experts in what we do. If we don't tell our story, others without as much knowledge will tell it for us. The Agricultural Issues Academy gave me the knowledge and tools to agvocate on an ongoing basis," she said.

She took that to heart and started her own blog, which you can find at

The second Agricultural Issues Academy was held this week. It included 37 students out of 70 that applied. "Students selected had an incredible experience, just like I did last year. I’m certain they gained skills and insight that will help them as they finish school and move into a career," Mashino said.

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