March 22, 2012

Nebraska FFA Chapters! Would you like an Olympic gold medalist to visit your chapter?

The Nebraska Corn Board is offering an opportunity for Nebraska FFA Chapters to have Olympic gold medalist Curt Tomasevicz visit their chapter.

Wouldn't Tomasevicz be the ideal speaker for an FFA banquet? Or he could spend some of the day in your classes or speak to your school!

For a chance to have him come to your chapter, look for the Nebraska Corn Board booth the Nebraska State FFA Convention March 28-30! (Next week!)

Their booth will be in the ballroom lobby of the Marriott Cornhusker in Downtown Lincoln. There you'll find a large cutout of Curt Tomasevicz and his bobsled team – with FFAers getting to become members of his team via the cutouts!

FFA members can just take a picture to become part of the team (see the FFA officers photo below!) and then upload it to the Nebraska Corn Board Facebook page to enter.

If your photo is selected, you'll will win $50 in ethanol-blended fuel and get Curt Tomasevicz to visit your FFA Chapter!

Enter photos on Facebook by Wednesday, April 4, 2012 or by email to if you don't have a Facebook or account or have issues uploading to to Facebook.

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