February 28, 2012

Be Involved

By Shannon Wietjes, Nebraska Corn Growers Association Intern

Throughout my life, I have been involved in 4-H, FFA, sports, and many other school organizations. At some points, my life has been planned out by the hour because I was involved in so many different organizations while also staying busy with school and work. However, as the intern at the Nebraska Corn Growers Association (NeCGA), I have found a whole new meaning to the phrase “Be Involved”.

This Legislative Session, the NeCGA, along with other organizations, has been working on getting LB1057 passed. LB1057 would increase the corn checkoff, which would help push the Nebraska corn industry forward. Currently, Nebraska is the third largest corn producing state in the nation, yet we have the lowest corn checkoff rate. Being involved and keeping up with other states as far as our corn checkoff is essential to keeping Nebraska’s corn industry moving forward. Corn growers need to be involved. Others within the agricultural industry need to be involved. We need to work together to keep the state’s number one industry thriving. We need new and seasoned farmers alike to join together and share the story of the corn industry. We are the Cornhuskers here in Nebraska; we need to remember that.

 Recently, the NeCGA went on a leadership trip to Washington D.C. This trip epitomized being involved; the group, which was made up of corn growers throughout Nebraska, spent the week learning about issues in the corn industry and then hiked up to Capitol Hill and talked to the Nebraska Senators and Representatives in D.C. NeCGA members learned how to “be involved” and are now working in their local communities and on the state level to help move the corn industry forward.

 Be Involved. Whether it is in your local community, at the state level, or at the national level, the corn industry needs people to speak for it. It doesn’t take much and is essential if we want the corn industry to continue to progress.

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