January 30, 2012

Smart, sustainable science

Can sustainable and science exist in the same sentence? With corn farming, yes.

Farmers are being more sustainable than ever through responsible stewardship, new genetics and improved management practices, Nebraska corn farmers are growing more corn with less – less fertilizer, less chemicals, less water, less land and less of an impact on the environment. And they use science to achieve all of this.
Through smart, sustainable science, farmers and researchers in agriculture have been able to reduce their usage of energy that it takes to grow a bushel of corn by 37% over the past 30 years.
Through smart, sustainable science, new, innovative fertilization methods have allowed today’s American corn farmers to produce 87% more corn per ounce of fertilizer.
Through smart, sustainable science, monitoring soil moisture levels and measuring the amount of water corn plants lose each day is helping Nebraska corn farmers significantly reduce irrigation and water demand.
Through smart, sustainable science, corn farmers have been able to produce a sustainable, corn-based fuel that is freeing our dependence from foreign oil and is better for the environment: ethanol. When corn farmers take their corn to the ethanol plant, they are producing two products: ethanol – a sustainable fuel for their vehicles, but also a high-quality protein feed for livestock – distillers grains. Two products from one – one more way farmers are growing more on less.
There is no question: Corn farmers can do what America and the world is asking of them: Grow more corn for feed, food, fiber and fuel – and do it in a way that protects the environment and provides economic benefits all along the value chain. That’s smart, sustainable science.
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