May 13, 2010

True or False: There is one silk for every kernel on an ear of corn

That question - and many more - were part of the Nebraska Corn Board's educational program at this year's Groundwater Festival.

Founded in 1988, the Groundwater Festival is an annual one-day event for fourth and fifth grade students of Nebraska. This year's festival was held in Grand Island earlier this week.

The Corn Board's program focused on a Bingo game - but to get a spot on the board, you had to answer a question correctly.

For example, to get a "C-2" (instead of b-i-n-g-o, players tried to get c-o-r-n or a-q-u-a), a student would need to answer the question: How many acres of corn were planted in Nebraska in 2009?

If the student got the right answer, he or she would then occupy that space.

To get a question for "Q" a player would need to answer correctly: How many inches of water are saved when conservation tillage is used compared to those who didn’t use conservation tillage practices? (Choices:3, 6 or 12 inches)

A question for "A" is: If farmers switch from gravity to pivot irrigation, what percent of water will be reduced? (Choices: 10, 17 or 37 percent)

The program was created by Paige Bek, who is wrapping up her internship with the Corn Board this week. It was then and conducted by Bek and the Corn Board's new intern, Regina Janousek.

Oh...the answers to the questions here are True, 9.15 million acres, 3 inches and 37 percent (without impacting yields!).

How did you do?

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