May 24, 2010

Crop update: Nebraska corn 96% planted; 59% emerged

It's safe to say that many Nebraska fields had good moisture to start the growing season, and as you can see by the photo below, moisture remained plentiful in places during the past week.

However, the last few days have also brought much needed heat some some areas -- and that is welcome, too. (Although the high winds could take a hike.) Hopefully summer-like storms won't leave too much damage in their wake.

In either case, USDA reported today that 96 percent of the corn crop is planted statewide. As reported in the Nebraska Corn Board's Crop Progress Update, this is two days progress behind last year’s 97 percent complete. However, that figure is even with the five-year average. Last week 87 percent of the crop was planted.

USDA said 59 percent of the corn had emerged from the soil. This is behind last year’s 68 percent. And although early in the season, the 77 percent of the state's crop remained in good to excellent condition.

Nationally, 93 percent of the crop is planted, compared to 80 percent last year and 89 percent for the four-year average. USDA said 71 percent of crop had emerged, up from 55 percent last week and 50 percent last year. It's also ahead of the five-year average of 62 percent. As for crop condition, USDA said 67 percent of the crop is good to excellent.

This week's photos come from the Nebraska Corn Board's Crop Progress Update, which obtains photos from students in different FFA Chapters across the state.

The first photo is from the Heartland FFA Chapter, which shows some standing water next to a  young corn plant. The bottom photo is from the Howells Clarkson FFA Chapter.

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