May 5, 2010

Nebraska Corn Board gets new logo

The Nebraska Corn Board unveiled its new logo in its latest newsletter, CornsTALK (.pdf)

The logo will be rolled out over the next few months, including in a new website that the Corn Board has in the works. 

If you are a member of the media and need a copy of the new logo, please email the Nebraska Corn Board at

Here's what the Nebraska Corn Board said in its newsletter about the logo:

The Nebraska Corn Board certainly recognizes that the corn industry in the state and across the country is changing – and that it must continuously adapt, too.

Farmers in Nebraska adapt to change every day, from seed to technology to risk management to weather. Our new logo helps the Nebraska Corn Board represent that as an organization.

It goes beyond a kernel of corn to an image that is more complex and more representative of how different components come together to make up the industry and the multitude of products that come from corn.

The contemporary design incorporates the image of corn in a more creative way – just like farmers creatively manage their challenges and the Corn Board creatively approaches its efforts on market development, research, promotion and education.

“The new logo goes beyond a kernel set in the state,” said Don Hutchens, executive director of the Nebraska Corn Board. “It better represents something that is growing and green, just like the corn industry in Nebraska.”

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