February 18, 2010

'Water 'n Poo' -- and you

Michele Payn-Knoper of Cause Matters Corp. sat down recently and recorded a video with Will Gilmer, a dairy farmer from Alabama.

You may know Gilmer as "The Singing Dairyman" thanks to his "Water 'n Poo" and other "Moo Tube Minutes" videos he creates with his mobile phone and posts directly to YouTube - no high speed internet access or video editing software required.

Payn-Knoper talks to Gilmer about the importance of making your message entertaining and educational - about talking (or singing) a certain way to make farming and agriculture interesting to people. You can read her blog post about it here.

Gilmer enjoys providing information to people on how their milk is produced, and to  help tell the story, he's adopted Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. (He's @gilmerdairy on Twitter.) He also blogs at gilmerdairy.blogspot.com and maintains his dairy farm's website at www.GilmerDairy.com.

He provides a great excellent example as to how social media tools can help tell the story of agriculture.

In this video with Payn-Knoper, he talks about why he does what he does.

And, of course, here's the famous "Water 'n Poo" video. Enjoy!

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