February 18, 2010

FFA photo contest winners for 2009-10

The Nebraska Corn Board partners each year with FFA chapters to encourage FFA students in those chapters to submit field reports and photographs from their region to help document conditions from planting through harvest.

The Nebraska Corn Board uses the photos and information in Crop Progress Updates it produces throughout the growing season - and a few photos also find their way to this blog.

After harvest, all of the photos are sorted into different categories and judged.

The photo above is from the Imperial FFA - it took first place in the expanded view category.

The photo below is from the Holdredge FFA - it received second in the expanded view category.

This photo is from the Imperial FFA - it won in first in the close up view category. It shows corn beginning to dent.


The photo below is also from the Imperial FFA chapter - it won first in the action category.

 This photo is from the Heartland FFA chapter - it took second in the action category.

The final photo is from the Imperial FFA chapter - which was first in the people category.

The Corn Board provides a stipend to the FFA chapters based on the number of photos submitted and if the photos were voted into the top spots at the end of the year.

Other than these top winners, participating FFA chapters included the Chase County FFA, Loup City FFA and Blue Hill FFA.

You can see a larger image by clicking on any of the photos.

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