February 2, 2010

Leadership program is beginning stage of developing agvocates

Nineteen Nebraskan's are in Washington, D.C., this week as part of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association's annual D.C. leadership program. We'll be posting updates as we get them from participants.

Today's update is from Brandon Hunnicutt (@cornfedfarmer), a farmer from Giltner and president of NeCGA:

The 2010 NeCGA Washington DC Leadership Program got underway Monday night. It was the first time the participants had a chance to really get to know each other. It was a group that really connected well, even though we were from different areas of the state, as well as different ages.

On Tuesday, they we were introduced to many things. For many participants, it was the first look at what the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, Nebraska Corn Board and the National Corn Growers Association do and how each of them are structured.

As we moved forward, we also learned about what some of the key issues are in-state for this coming legislative session. It is always interesting to watch the reactions and discussions that come up from these presentations. For some it is truly the first real look at what we do and what some of our key issues truly are.

As the day moved forward, lobbyists from NCGA helped steer the group through some of the main things going on in Congress as well as what we may have to be looking for in the future. The discussion about cap and trade was very interesting and was put into a perspective that should help the participants get a better understanding of what we are truly facing in that legislation.

The day wrapped up, business-wise, with an update from the Renewable Fuels Association. There are many issues that face the ethanol industry. Yet at the same time there are many benefits to ethanol that we need to be out trumpeting in the marketplace.

This is one of those opportunities that is a great experience that anyone truly interested in legislative issues, the corn industry and our partners should definitely attend. It allows for a better understanding of what truly takes place inside the bowels of the Beltway.

It also is the beginning stages to raising up more agvocates. This is something we, in ag, need to make sure we are doing on an everyday basis, not just once a year in D.C.

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