November 7, 2008

Going back in time won't feed the world

It is not surprising that Prop 2 won in California - when you have millions of dollars and emotional half-truths on your side, how can you lose?

Many believe that Prop 2, when it comes into force in 2015, will essentially close California's egg industry, as it requires unrealistic animal care practices that, in some cases, could actually be worse for the animals in question. More than 30 of California's major newspapers, the state's governor and numerous business leaders opposed the measure, believing it will force egg production to Mexico and other states and cost Californians billions (in lost income and higher food prices). And, in the end, do nothing to improve the care and management of food animals.

Prop 2 was driven not by a grassroots effort but by folks with deep pockets who don't want us to eat milk, meat and eggs, and believe animals should be treated as equals to people.

Californians for Safe Food opposed Prop 2 and said the coalition supporting the measure "led an emotionally manipulative, dishonest and often deceptive campaign." Yet that's exactly what we expect from the Human Society of the United States, Farm Sanctuary and the like.

Farmers care greatly for their animals and raise them in the most sound manner possible. Are there bad actors out there? Certainly (just like in all businesses) - and they will be found out and driven out.

We need to remember, though, that farm animals are are raised for food. Farmers with operations of all sizes and types know best how to care for their animals to provide a safe and abundant food supply, and no one farm style is the best. Some large farms are better managed and operated than small ones - and the reverse is true, too. The key is good management. With that, all livestock and poultry can be raised and cared for properly.

For more, check out this blog post, written by Michele Payn-Knoper. Also check out her other posts, especially this one. Also check out our previous post.

The success in California for the anti-meat folks only means their efforts will be accelerated in other states - as they hold up California as an example they believe the rest of us should follow. Don't be fooled by the warm and fuzzy (and false) stories. There's more behind it than meets the eye.

Farmers feed the nation - and the world - and can continue to do so in the most modern, scientifically sound manner possible. It's not the 1700s in the city - it shouldn't be on the farm, either. In fact, it can't be if we want to feed the current and growing population.

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