July 11, 2017

Exploring the World of Corn

The more time I spend at NCGA, the more I am impressed by the collaboration that happens in this organization. States work together. Different commodity organizations and companies share research and ideas. Diverse coalitions tackle solving challenging problems. I could work here for a year instead of just a summer and still not be aware of all the people NCGA works with inside and outside of the agricultural industry. There are always new, innovative ideas being shared and implemented.

A few weeks ago I attended meetings where collaboration was key as state and national staff got together to discuss agriculture nutrient management, water quality, and ethanol. I learned about state programs, government programs, and online tools that promote more sustainable farming and make nutrient management practices more financially feasible for farmers. I also learned about predictions of future market trends, opportunities for new markets for ethanol, government ethanol policy, coalitions, fuel pump infrastructure, and the health benefits of ethanol versus gasoline. As part of these meetings we toured research farms that were studying different nutrient management practices. We also visited the Funk Prairie Home museum which is a restored 1864 farm house on one of the first corn farms in Illinois.

The main project I am working on this summer is a social media campaign. This project has given me the opportunity to learn about different NCGA programs. Of course, I also learned about growing corn and some unique uses for corn. Like the National Corn Growers Association Facebook page to see some of my posts!

My work learning about communicating with consumers has reached farther than my social media project. I have seen examples of ways to teach agriculture in schools, have witnessed the beginning of a successful consumer engagement campaign, and have seen how agricultural communicators are planning ahead to explain new technology to consumers in the future.

Weekends in the city have lead me to the top of the Arch, into an art museum, to a museum of sculptures that double as a playground, and to a musical at the oldest outdoor theater in the country. I have eaten the most delicious Italian food, gelato, and barbeque I have ever tasted. I have also discovered a love for some regional favorites like fried ravioli and gooey butter cake. So far my time in St. Louis with NCGA has been full of learning and fun. I look forward to continuing to explore the world of corn.

Renae Sieck
National Corn Growers Association, National Office
632 Cepi Drive
Chesterfield, MO 63005
Office: 636.733.9004

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