June 20, 2017

Nebraska Corn: Week Six

I cannot believe I have been the Nebraska Corn Board Communications intern for six weeks now! Time is flying! The last six weeks have been fun filled and full of educational opportunities.

Ethanol Night at the Races 
A major highlight of the past few weeks has been the American Ethanol Night at the Races. These events are my favorite because I not only get to talk to so many people about how great American Ethanol is, but I also get to explore Nebraska. I am from Omaha, Nebraska so heading outside of the metro area was a rare occasion for me. This internship has provided me with opportunities to visit Albion, Columbus and Beatrice. At these races, I met some of the growers in Nebraska and they are a great group of people! Everyone is so friendly and just as excited as I am to teach the public about ethanol and all that it offers. There is one race left at Greenwood I-80 on July 7th! Come visit Nebraska Corn!

Everyday I have a list of tasks that I plan to accomplish, some are daily and some are a surprise! No matter what, I know I will be kept busy. A lot of what I do includes working on social media. We are trying to increase the amount of people we reach on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so if you haven’t yet, go like our pages! I have also really enjoyed being able to go out at take pictures of different cornfields in Nebraska. In my daily meetings with Kurtis, I am given a variety of jobs, this is the best because that means no day is the same. I am constantly learning new things, putting different skills to the test and striving to do better. I look back at my to-do lists from each day over the past six weeks and I am amazed by the amount and variety of work I have accomplished. I hope the next six weeks are just as busy and diverse!

Each Nebraska Corn intern is to complete a project. My project is focused on updating the CornsTalk: Kids Edition. This is a brochure with fun, education activities for youth to do and learn about corn! I have gotten to be creative and learn more about corn in the process! I have also been using Photoshop. This was a program I was not familiar with before and this project has helped me become more familiar. This is a skill that will come in handy in a number of projects, school and career. I am eager to see how the finished product looks!

I'm also working to develop a series of videos that will be posted to the Nebraska Corn YouTube page. These videos highlight each of the members of the Nebraska Corn Board. I shot my first video with Brandon Hunnicutt recently, and I am working on editing that together. I look forward to meeting each board member through this process throughout the summer!

Looking Forward 
While most internships are about halfway over, I am only one-fourth through. My internship is a yearlong! So while my summer might be flying by I am looking forward to the time I have left with the Nebraska Corn Board. Being on the corn crew has be a blast so far! Reflecting I have developed a better understanding of myself and applied what I have learned in the classroom. Looking forward, I am ready to take on new projects, meet even more amazing people and continue laughing with my coworkers. The positive environment I am surrounded by is one of the best parts of my job, tied with all of the educational opportunities I experience everyday.

Enjoy your summer! It’s flying by! 

Catherine Jones
Marketing and Communications Intern
Nebraska Corn Board
301 Centennial Mall So.
Lincoln, NE 68509
Office: 402-471-2676

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