June 22, 2017

CornsTalk: Global Market and Niche Products

Key International Cooperators Promote Nebraska Ag in Global Markets

 Through their corn checkoff, Nebraska corn farmers support the international activities of two major cooperators focused on developing export markets. Nebraska checkoff funds are leveraged with those from other states and stakeholders to obtain funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture through its Market Access Program (MAP) and Foreign Market Development (FMD) program.

Niche products offer opportunity for Nebraska producers 

“A key to global growth for Nebraska ag products lies in identifying specific consumer preferences or expectations in a marketplace and matching our producers and our packers to supply that demand chain,” said Greg Ibach, director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. A great example is in Hastings, where WR Reserve, a beef processing company, has been approved by the Israeli government as a source for kosher beef for import. WR Reserve is the only Israeli-approved kosher beef facility in the U.S. and as a result, the company is planning a $4.5 million expansion that will add approximately 100 jobs to the Hastings area.

Officials celebrate the announcement of shipments of kosher beef to Israel from the WR Reserve facility in Hastings. From left: Dave Rippe, executive director of the Hastings Economic Development Corporation; Lt. Gov. Mike Foley, Fischel Ziegelheim, managing partner of WR Reserve; Greg Ibach, director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

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