February 6, 2017

In Nebraska, Agriculture and Economic Development are the Same Thing.

Determine what you do best, and then find ways to do more of it.

That’s a pretty good formula for success, especially when it comes to economic development.

Agriculture – growing crops and raising animals – is what Nebraska does best. Agriculture accounts for more than $22 billion of the gross state product of Nebraska. More than one-fourth of Nebraska’s economy can be attributed to the ag production complex. Nebraska is among the national leaders in crop production, livestock production and biofuels.

Bottom Line: In Nebraska, Agriculture = Economic Development.

“Nebraska has a world-class agriculture system and that’s a clear advantage that we need to leverage in every way possible,” said Ken Lemke, economist for Nebraska Public Power District. “There’s no doubt in my mind that the best ag technology, the best livestock technology and the best producers in the world are in Nebraska, and we need to keep it that way.”

“The sheer volume of commodities we produce. A plentiful water supply. The reputation of our workforce. The fact that we’re within two days trucking distance of 90 percent of the nation’s population.  These are all Nebraska advantages that can help us leverage our state’s strength in agriculture production and processing for statewide economic vitality and growth,” said Courtney Dentlinger, director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

As Nebraska looks for ways to generate economic vitality, increase its tax base, and retain young talent, there is no question that our strength in agriculture is an important foundation on which to build.

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