July 24, 2015

Making rain to grow corn

July in Nebraska is typically irrigation season. Now for many farmers this summer, irrigation has looked a little different because of the plentiful rains. But there are still reasons to irrigate the crop.

Timing is everything in "making rain" for corn to grow. And UNL has done a lot of research on water-use efficiency with irrigation.

Learn a little bit from Nebraska corn farmer, Kyle Cantrell, about how irrigation works in this :30 second YouTube video


Here are some Nebraska irrigation facts from UNL's Ag Econ Department:

  • Irrigation is a vital component of Nebraska’s productive agricultural economy. 
  • Irrigation begins with the Ogallala Aquifer, one of the world’s largest aquifers. It covers about 174,000 square miles. 
  • Nebraska is the fourth largest user of groundwater in the nation behind California, Texas, and Arkansas.
  • Of approximately 55 million acres under irrigation nationally, about 15% are located in Nebraska.
  • About three out of eight cropland acres in Nebraska are under irrigation.
  • Nebraska is the #1 irrigated corn state!

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