July 15, 2015

Continuing the Conversations of Nebraska Corn

For the past few weeks, I have kept very busy in and out of the Nebraska Corn Board Office. I am really enjoying the projects I have been working on, and the events I have been able to attend. On a weekly basis, I have been posting crop progress updates Tuesday's, and on Friday's I post a #FunFactFriday info-graphic that I have designed for the week. I have found that the info-graphics are a great hit and they are a wonderful way to share the message of the Nebraska Corn Board through social media.

As my internship continues to fly by, I am constantly learning more about the corn industry and becoming a better communicator through the process. Not only have I been busy in the office, but I have been out of the office on many occasions as well. Below are some photos of events I have attended along with projects I have been working on...

On June 28, I was able to attend the I-80 Ethanol Night at the Races in Ashland, NE with Sam, the Corn Growers Intern and Victoria, a Corn and Soy Mentor. This was such a great experience being able to promote ethanol at this fun event.
On July 8, I traveled to Omaha, NE for a Storm Chasers baseball game, and the theme for the night was "Ag Night." I met up with Morgan, from the Corn Growers Association and Emily, a Corn and Soy Mentor. I had many great conversations with consumers about the corn industry, and received many great questions regarding ethanol and the Renewable Fuel Standard. It was rewarding being able to share my knowledge of the corn industry with those who aren't around agriculture on a day-to-day basis.
On July 9, I attended the Nebraska Agricultural Youth Institute Career Fair on UNL's East Campus. I spoke with high school students from all over the state about opportunities with the Nebraska Corn Board such as internships and scholarships. Since I was in these student's shoes just one year ago, I was able to have such great conversations with them.

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