May 30, 2015

Keep your kids learning with agriculture this summer

Summer is here for your family and your kids are glad to be out of the classroom. But you are wanting them to learn at least one thing this summer. Why not have them learn about Nebraska's #1 crop: CORN! Here are some awesome educational activities you can give them to keep them entertained and educated this summer:

Corn A-Z: have a kid learning their ABCs or even an older kid who you want to wow? Find all of the items that are made from corn using this poster as a resource.

If your kids like to read, you can find them some great reading material from Check with your local library if they have these books or if they can get them for you!

Have kids that love games and apps on your phone/device? Download the National Corn Growers Association's app, KernelQuest! It's a game for smartphones featuring beloved character Captain Cornelius. KernelQuest is a game of skill, maneuverability and all-around corniness. Join Captain Cornelius, our a-maize-ing superhero in green spandex, as he defies gravity and weaves his way across the Midwest. Set a new high score, challenge friends and learn corny facts along the way. KernelQuest is available for free through Google Play and the iTunes store

Here is a list of great online content for K-12:
  • History of Corn
    – Corn has been part of Nebraska’s history for more than a thousand years!
  • Can Corn Fuel the Future? (YouTube playlist)
    – YES! Corn can fuel many different things. It can make ethanol that fuels your car, feed that fuels the diets of livestock and can be used to fuel the development of new products made from corn.
  • There’s Corn in my Crayons (.pdf)
    – An adventure in eight coloring pages with puzzles
  • The Great Corn Adventure
    – An interactive website in English and Spanish
  • AgDay
    – A site that contains informative ag facts
  • USDA For Kids
    – A collective resource of agriculture-related websites
  • Corny Culture
    – A cornucopia of poetry, art, recipes, legends, songs and places to visit
  • Corn for the Future
    – Nebraska corn farmers look to the future with many possibilities for corn

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