May 15, 2015

A final look at my time as Nebraska Corn Board Intern


Approximately one year ago I attended the 2014 Nebraska Groundwater Festival to present about the value of water to the corn industry with Lauren Ibach, Nebraska Corn Board’s (NCB) 2013-2014 intern. Lauren was a great mentor and did a good job of preparing me that week to take over her role as the new NCB in-house Communications and Outreach intern.
Since then, my NCB intern experience has been fantastic. I have met people all over the state, helped lead a trip of young professionals to Washington D.C., became proficient in effectively communicating through social media, and learned about how the Nebraska Corn Board is working on behalf of Nebraska’s 23,000 corn farmers. But most of all, I have grown as a person and as a professional.
This brings me to this week; my final week at the Nebraska Corn Board. The 2015 Groundwater Festival was held on Tuesday, May 12th and once again I had the opportunity to attend this event. However, this time, I was accompanied by Megan Hamling, the newest NCB Communications and Outreach intern --officially starting today (Friday, May 15th). We had a wonderful time playing Corn/Aqua Bingo with 4th grade students and even learned a little bit ourselves! I’m excited to see how much Megan learns and accomplishes during the next year! The circle of interns will continue to revolve as I leave the NCB internship in Megan’s hand and begin my newest adventure as a Mycogen sales intern for Dow Agrosciences. I know that I will continue to work hard and be pushed out of my comfort zone so that I can gain one more step towards finding a future career in the agricultural industry.
Additionally, I would like to thank all of the Nebraska Corn Board members and staff, along with the state’s 23,000 corn farmers for supporting this internship program. Your money, time, and effort is more than worth it, as you are creating much-needed future leaders of the agricultural industry.

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