February 13, 2015

Top 5 highest paying careers in 2015...is agriculture one of them?

A recent article in USAToday.com shared that as more and more people are earning college degrees, not just "any" degree will suffice.

People are starting to see that if they're going to invest all of that hard-earned money, not to mention time and energy, into obtaining a degree, it should be into one that will likely lead to ample job opportunities and higher earnings power. The Census Bureau reports that a bachelor's degree holder typically earns $2.4 million over his or her lifetime. Some degrees, like those in education, typically result in lower lifetime earnings than this benchmark. Other degrees, however, generally allow graduates to earn more than this lifetime benchmark.

Using Census data, coupled with an employer survey analysis by the National Association of Colleges and Employers(NACE), we've made a list of college majors that will likely lead to the highest earnings for 2015 grads. The list starts with: 1. Engineering, 2. Computer Science, 3. Math and Sciences, 4. Business and.....

5. Agriculture and natural resources

The 2015 projected average starting salary is $51,220 where the average lifetime earnings is $2.6 million.

These grads can earn much more than the average grad, raking in an average starting salary of over $51,000. Again, those who work their way up to management positions generally earn the highest earnings over a lifetime — around $800,000 more than the typical college grad.

This shows the amplitude that agriculture is continuing to make in our society and work culture.  We are seeing the challenges before us to raise more food and resources for our growing population. And agribusiness will pay a pretty penny for a well-educated employee.

Looks like they are putting their money where their mouth is. Now we need more students to enroll in agricultural degrees - start sharing with your friends, children, neighbor's children, and family about ALL of the jobs in agriculture. It's not just plows and cows, folks. Engineering, food science, communications, economics, business, etc. are all facets in agricultural that could lead to some great jobs!

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