February 2, 2015

Food trends & maps....where is our food grown?

Could you identify the food you eat just by where it's grown?

Today, there is a fun quiz on the Washington Post Web site. I just may give one answer away....

...which you should get anyway, right?

Click here to take your quiz.

This has me thinking about how our consumer friends would do on this quiz and where our 2015 food trends are going which influences consumers.

An intriguing trend on the Better Homes & Gardens blog was "grocery store changes".  Day-of delivery services offered by mega retailers have quieted grocery stores. But while online shoppers click their way through aisles, superstores are finding ways to lure them back in -- with dine-in restaurants, food demonstrations, and wine tastings. Grocery stores might just be the next hangout by the end of 2015. This is great news for CommonGround and other ag groups who like to talk to consumers in-store.

According to BBC Good Food's Top 2015 Trends, all kinds of burgers are going to be trending. Duck, lobster, pork belly, scallops and squid burgers are just a few to name that could compete with the ever-popular beef burger. But beef producers shouldn't be too worried because the value of ground beef is increasing. It's the economical, delicious and convenient choice for consumers, where we're seeing more demand for high-value and variety meats overseas.

What do you see as Food Trends for this year? And share with us how you did on your quiz!

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