August 20, 2014

VIDEO: Kernels of Truth - Beyond Bt


In our previous two GMO videos, we talked about what GMOs are and why they are safe.

In this video we’re going to look at some uncommon, or at least lesser-known uses of biotechnology that can benefit everyone from Indiana to India.

Bt and Roundup Ready hybrids have allowed farmers to use fewer pesticides and herbicides, respectively. But this is not where the environmental benefits of modern biotechnology stop. Scientists in Indiana have inserted a gene into a poplar tree that allows it to clean up soil and groundwater pollution by breaking down and metabolizing the pollutants.

On the human health front, biotechnology also has significant potential to help fight disease in the developing world. Have you heard of “Golden Rice”? Learn how biotechnology can lead to preventing deaths in developing countries and more in the Kernels of Truth – Beyond Bt video.

Watch now!

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