July 29, 2014

Washington, D.C. & ag community in D.C. is a truly distinct place

By Morgan Nelson, NCGA-DC intern, Masters of Public Service and Administration Candidate at the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M, Legal Studies graduate from Chadron State College
Morgan Nelson, NCGA-DC

Time flies while you’re having fun! The saying may be cliché, but it proves true time and time again.  This is my final week in DC and I can hardly believe it.

A couple of weeks ago, Corn Congress lived up to all of the stories I’ve heard from coworkers, former interns, and friends.  It was fantastic to see a grower-led organization make policy decisions, collect information, and act as a democratic body.  For a government nerd like me, it was a truly fantastic thing to witness.  It was great to meet the group from Nebraska and participate in the Public Policy Action Team.  I also got to meet my St. Louis counterpart (Joe Conrad) and have some great conversations about the summer and politics in general.

Washington D.C. is a truly distinct place, and the same can be said for the Ag Community in D.C.  All summer I’ve kept contact with interns from Ag organizations, between hearings and the intern lunch series we’ve maintained, I’ve experienced firsthand the true camaraderie within the Ag community in D.C.  Most news of D.C. consists of polarity, lack of cooperation, and dissatisfaction. I’m proud to report that while Washington D.C. appears to get nothing done, the organizations interacting with The Hill work tirelessly and put in extensive hours to ensure that things do get accomplished.  Where would we be without industry and shareholder input?

capitol  CornCongress

SmithThe Nebraska Corn Board has a truly fantastic program, one that contributes both to the individuals it hosts and the state as a whole.  Professional experience and gaining a world perspective doesn’t occur for Nebraska’s young professionals without investment and mentorship.  Bryan Brower (USGC intern) and I have had a great summer working together and we even got to meet Senator Johanns and Congressman Smith during our Corn Congress duties.

Flying to Nebraska is great not only because I’ll be headed home, but I’ve got a theory that Nebraska bound flights are consistently the nicest flights I take (in terms of people, airports can be rough!).  Between the red clothes (go big red!) and the friendly folks I always end up sitting by, I’ve concluded that “Midwest Nice” isn’t a myth.

It’s been a truly fantastic summer, one that I couldn’t have accomplished without the NE staff, NCGA DC staff, and last but not least my family.  Look out Nebraska, I’m coming back!

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  1. Morgan,

    We have truly enjoyed having you with us this summer. You have been a great asset and my colleagues in the DC office join me in wishing you well and knowing you will do good.


    Jon Doggett