February 27, 2014

What consumers say…


Recent consumer research from The Center for Food Integrity found three key perceptions about the food system in the United States:

  1. Consumers believe industrial processes are inherently impersonal. People cannot relate to them.
  2. Consumers believe that anything produced at a large scale has a greater opportunity for error—and thanks to the incredible efficiency in our food distribution system, the impact of error is faster and greater.
  3. Consumers believe that larger entities will put profit ahead of public interest—and put their obligation to shareholders ahead of responsibility to consumers.

“It’s very clear that consumers want to trust their food system, but they find it more difficult to trust a ‘company’ than a ‘person’,” said Alan Tiemann of Seward, a farmer-director on the Nebraska Corn Board. “That’s why it is increasingly important for all of us in agriculture to take the personal responsibility to meet consumers, listen to what’s on their minds and do what we must to answer their questions and earn their trust and confidence.”


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