February 11, 2014

Olympian Curt Tomasevicz for Nebraska Corn–Ethanol


DSC_0095The 2014 Winter Olympics has been going strong for a few days. In Nebraska, we are especially proud of our Nebraska Corn spokesman and Men’s Bobsled Olympian, Curt Tomasevicz.

Curt help out the Corn Board with some special commercials that will air during the Olympics.

Everyone knows that ethanol has been good for Nebraska corn farmers.

But it's actually been good for all of us.

We've created jobs and reduced our dependence on imported oil.

We've made the air cleaner—and kept fuel prices in check.

Our rural communities are stronger—and young people are coming back to live in them.

Supporting ethanol isn't just about farmers. It's about every Nebraskan and every American.

Watch for more commercials on the blog or click here to watch all three!

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