December 31, 2013

Podcast: Speak up and comment on EPA's proposal

In this podcast, Joel Grams, president of the Nebraska Corn Growers Association, shares about the proposed cut-back on the 2014 corn ethanol requirements in the Renewable Fuel Standard from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA proposes a 1.4 billion gallon reduction in corn ethanol—and that is already having an impact on corn prices. A reduction of this nature will have a negative effect on agricultural in general—and on the rural communities that depend on a strong ag economy.

There is a comment period open until January 28th to let EPA know how this will hurt Nebraska corn farmers and the state's economy.  When you submit your comment, make it personal. Tell EPA what the renewable fuels industry has meant to your farm and your community. If you have a child returning to the operation, tell that story. If you have a specific example of how a healthier ag economy has helped your hometown, share it.

This isn't just for farmers to comment. It affects everyone in the state, so get others in your community to submit comments as well—bankers, school board members, county commissioners, economic development staff. Every sector of Nebraska's rural economy has benefitted from a robust ag economy in the state. We need all of them to send a comment to the EPA. We have just a few weeks left to tell the EPA how we feel. Don't delay. Please visit today to comment on EPA's proposal.

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