May 30, 2013

Here Comes the Corn

Corn planting started to come to an end this week with reports that 96% of this years crop has been planted. Emerged corn jumped to 61% which is still well behind last year’s 94%. Farmers are starting to become fearful however that any remaining corn will not be planted by June 1 because of the rain we have been receiving all week. This could cause fields to be switched from corn to soybean production.  
The corn is growing taller each day!

This corn plant is growing fast thanks to the rain.

With all this progress in corn planting we also continued to see progress in soil moisture levels. Moisture accumulations through Sunday totaled an inch or more across much of Nebraska. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 30% short to very short and 65% adequate. Subsoil moisture is 70% short or very short with 29% being considered adequate. We can expect to see these numbers continue to change due to the added moisture we are experiencing. Statewide producers had 4.8 days considered suitable for fieldwork. Farmers are now having to take into consideration replanting due to storm damage and flooding of fields. This is a big change from last year. Even with the potential damage it is nice to finally see some moisture in the soil. 

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