July 30, 2012

Crop update: Nebraksa corn 35% good to excellent

In its weekly crop progress report issued today, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said 35 percent of Nebraska’s corn crop was in good to excellent condition as of July 29. Continued hot and dry weather has pushed this number lower over the last several weeks.

As noted in the Nebraska Corn Board's crop progress update, 55 percent of the irrigated corn but only 5 percent of dryland corn was in good to excellent condition.

Corn showing stress from heat and a lack of moisture.
Combined, Nebraska corn in fair condition stood at 28 percent, while corn in poor to very poor condition stood at 37 percent.

As noted in the crop progress update, some parts of the state received more than 0.25 inches of rain over the last week, although most farmers in the state received less than 0.10. Drought damaged corn is also continually being chopped for silage or cut to be used as hay.

Nationally, 24 percent of the country's corn is in good to excellent condition, compared to 26 percent last week and 62 percent last year. Corn rated fair stood at 28 percent, compared to 29 percent last week and 24 percent last year, while 48 percent of the crop was rated poor to very poor, compared to 45 percent last week and 14 percent last year.

In Nebraska, 95 percent of the corn across the state was silking, which is 11 points ahead of last year and 10 points ahead of the five-year average. USDA said 39 percent of the crop was in the dough stage, compared with 14 percent last year and 17 percent for the five-year average. Corn dented has already reached 9 percent in the state, ahead of the 1 percent average. No corn was dented a year ago.

Nationally, 13 percent of the crop was denting, compared to 3 percent last year and 3 percent for the five-year average.

This week's photos come from the Nebraska Corn Board's 2012 crop progress photo set at Flickr. The top photo was taken by the Howells-Dodge-Clarkson FFA chapter, and the one below by the SEM FFA chapter.

Irrigation is more common in Nebraska than most corn producing
states. This year, that irrigation is critical and may help
some farmers still produce a good crop.

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