February 14, 2011

Farmers looking forward to green flag at Daytona 500

Gentlemen, start your ethanol-powered engines!

Nebraska corn farmers and the Nebraska Corn Board are looking forward to the start of this year’s NASCAR racing season since every car in every race will be fueled by Sunoco Green E15, a 15 percent ethanol blend made from American corn grown by America’s farmers, the Nebraska Corn Board said in a news release.

It all kicks off when the green flag drops at the Daytona 500 this Sunday, February 20 (local coverage begins at noon on FOX).

Late October, NASCAR announced it would begin using the 15 percent corn ethanol blend in its three national racing series, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the NASCAR Nationwide Series and the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. NASCAR said it made the move because it is committed to helping the environment. It also believes in supporting job creation, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and backing family farms – NASCAR itself is family-owned.

“America’s corn farmers should be proud to be part of such a historic event,” said Tim Scheer, a farmer from St. Paul and member of the Nebraska Corn Board. “This couldn’t have come at a better time considering the EPA has approved E15 for vehicles manufactured in 2001 and newer. We’ll get to see the viability of E15 proved at every race.”

Scheer is also a member of the National Corn Growers Association’s Ethanol Committee.

In addition to powering races, corn farmers have become a partner in NASCAR via a partnership between the National Corn Growers Association and NASCAR. In fact, NCGA has become an Official Partner of NASCAR and will help promote the brand American Ethanol. The Nebraska Corn Board, which administers check-off funds in Nebraska, has contributed funding through the National Corn Growers Association to support this partnership and the promotion of ethanol via NASCAR.

American Ethanol will be on display at every race – on the fuel ports of every car, on the green flag, in at-track hospitality programs, via a special “American Ethanol Green Flag Restart Award” and in commercials that showcase America’s corn farmers. Corn farmers from across the country will also be attending many of the races to show their support for NASCAR and American Ethanol.

“More than 75 million people follow NASCAR and we’re thrilled to be playing a role in expanding the visibility of E15 through this partnership and American Ethanol,” Scheer said. “We’re looking forward to the green flag dropping at the Daytona 500 and seeing corn ethanol fuel some incredibly powerful cars.”

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