November 1, 2010

Become AFAN of Nebraska agriculture

No matter the topic, we are always learning or helping to educate others to improve our society. That’s what A-FAN, the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska thinks, too. They are hoping to educate the consumer audience how livestock is raised and cared for in Nebraska.

A-FAN’s new campaign, Become AFAN, has been a dream of theirs for some time and is now a reality, with TV commercials during primetime television time in stations all across Nebraska – some even reaching into South Dakota and Iowa.

Become AFAN is dedicated to helping inform the public about modern food production and providing honest and open information about the way animals are cared for on Nebraska farms.

One of their most important messages is that Nebraska farmers are some of the best in the world at what they do. They use the most modern technology, the most environmentally sound farming practices and the most advanced methods possible to raise their crops and livestock. Nebraska farmers do this day in and day out – often in the face of extreme weather and hardships, to put food on your family’s dinner table.

If you’ve seen the commercials, they talk about how the future of agriculture looks – emphasizing that “The Future is Now”. These commercials show how baby pigs are safer than ever before and more are surviving their first month, and how dairy cows are healthier and producing higher quality milk. They also highlight that they way we handle cattle is safer and less stressful for the animals, as well as poultry products and eggs being safer than ever before. Watch it for yourself:

The commercial encourages the viewers to check out At this website, you can watch the commercial, but more importantly, there will be information about each livestock species and a webisode - a short video – about each as well. Currently, there is information about pork and poultry, and the dairy and beef will be up soon. You can also follow Become AFAN on facebook and view Become AFAN TV on YouTube.

Please share this information with friends – ag or non-ag – so they can hear the true story of how animals are being raised humanely in Nebraska.

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  1. This is great information about agriculture and I love the site. Thanks for putting it together!

  2. Thanks, Tina! I'm glad you appreciate all of the information we present.