June 25, 2009

Dairy opening its doors this Saturday

Some folks say farmers and food companies want to keep where our food comes from a secret. Not sure where they get those ideas, as YouTube has lots of videos made by farmers and about farming, and many farmers are happy to show people their place provided they know who the person is and have proper notice, which is a common courtesy, really.

There are also a lot of farmer-written blogs out there full of good information. There's Facebook pages, Twitter and more. Lots of places to connect and interact with farmers.

Plus the Discovery Channel is full of 'how's it made' type shows involving all sorts of foods. No great secrets there.

Perhaps the people saying everything is a "secret" or "hidden" have some ulterior motives - like trying to scare people into believing our food system isn't safe or that farmers and food companies are out to get us all.

Well, meet the good folks at Prairieland Dairy. They are having an open house this Saturday (June 27) - their sixth annual open house to be exact. If you want to know where milk and dairy products like cheese comes from, this is a great place to start. Click for details and directions.

Prairieland, like other dairies in Nebraska and across the country that have open houses, gives anyone who comes to the open house a tour of the barns, milking facilities, feed areas and more. Plus they answer questions people may have and talk about how hard they work to produce safe and wholesome milk (which you'll get to taste!).

It is an incredible experience that was documented in part with a series of videos produced by the Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska last year. All those videos (and more) are on YouTube - www.YouTube.com/NebraskaAgriculture. I've embedded two of the four videos below.

(Here's a Brownfield blog post on Prairieland.)

This A-FAN video offers an introduction to Prairieland Dairy:

This A-FAN video capture's people's reactions at last year's open house:

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