August 5, 2010

Your daily agvocacy: 100,500

The word agvocacy is popping up around us more and more each day. We read about what it takes to be a true advocate for agriculture and what actions you can take to represent the industry in a positive light. But there is no movement in either of these unless you actually make the action. Those in agriculture are doing a good job right now defending our industry and agvocating for our food system. But the fight is not done.

A recent study found this number: 100,500… the number of words an average person consumes – meaning reads or hears – every day. The amount we read has tripled from 1980-2008 thanks to the internet! (Source: By the numbers, University of California, San Diego.)

Wow…100,500 words! This post is approximately 326 words. Daily, I read over 50 blog posts, the Wall Street Journal, numerous other ag publications, a gazillion emails and more. And that’s just reading. That doesn’t include all the words I hear in a day. So I guess 100,500 could add up pretty fast.

Think then about the average consumer. How many of their 100,500 words to be consumed each day involved agriculture? For many, the closest they come to consuming information about agriculture is talking/hearing/reading about food. But agriculture probably doesn’t even cross their mind with this topic.

So with conversation ongoing about agvocacy, maybe this stat will be your call to action. Be that person who allows the average consumer to fill at least 100 words of their 100,500 consumed each day with agriculture. It might be at the grocery store when you’re at the meat counter, it might be via a blog post, it might be that fact you posted on facebook, or it might even be a phone call from a telemarketer.

Tell them you know about food production because you’re a farmer or you grew up on a farm or you were educated in agriculture. Be a part of their 100,500.

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