March 10, 2010

Video: What does it mean to be a member of NeCGA?

That question was posed to several Nebraska Corn Growers Association members recently.

Their answers -- all good and important -- were recorded on video and uploaded to YouTube. You can check out the video at the NeCGA YouTube channel or click play below.

Farmers featured include David Merrell of St. Edward, Larry Musack of Decatur, Elgin Bergt of Schuyler and Brandon Hunnicutt of Giltner.

The farmers note that membership in NeCGA helps give them a voice -- and that membership is just as necessary for their operation as seed and fertilizer. Farmers have to be advocates for agriculture, and membership is another way to invest in that -- taking one voice and combining it with many to be heard.

To learn more about Nebraska Corn Growers, click here.

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