March 6, 2010

Tweeps use social media to connect at Commodity Classic 2010

The largest ever "tweet-up" was held at Commodity Classic this week for all those in agriculture who are using social media, like Twitter, to promote ag. The "tweet-up" was simply a meeting for those on twitter -- also known as a "tweep" -- to actually meet in person and connect with people who we all know in the twitterverse.

Many of the tweeps there already knew each other by their twitter handle (i.e. twitter name, such as @NECornBoard), so in introductions, we took time to learn each other's real names and what their role is in agriculture. There was also interesting discussion on how each tweep was using social media differently in their respective fields of agriculture.

(Photo tweeted by @agchick)

Nebraska was well represented by having the largest population of tweeps there! In no particular order (and if I missed someone I apologize!): @NeCGA, @MikeHowie, @SustainableGreg, @megamaru, @iamafarmer2, @cornfedfarmer@NebrNancy and @ag4front.

All week at Commodity Classic, Twitter-users used the hashtag, #Classic10, to link all of the information that was tweeted from the convention. Tweets from the Classic included: California’s Secretary of Ag, Kawamura’s address to corn and soybean delegates; U.S. Secretary of Ag, Tom Vilsack’s comments to producers; workshops about crop, fertilizer and financial management; and even fun facts and pictures from the trade show were tweeted and related using this insignia.

To view the conversations and notes from #Classic10, click here.

Want to see some pictures from Commodity Classic? View the Nebraska Corn Board’s Flickr photostream here, or AgWired’s photostream here.

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