July 31, 2009

Top three retailers sell about 46 percent of groceries

Almost as interesting as the fact that the top three food retailers held about 46 percent of the business in 2008 is that 7-Eleven is just outside the top 10 at #11.

For the full Supermarket News list, click here.

In either case, the annual Supermarket News list of food retailers gives an inside peak into where folks are buying their groceries.

In total, 75 largest food retailers and wholesalers in the U.S. and Canada combined to reach $893.1 billion in revenues in 2008, up 7.6 percent over 2007.

The 10 largest companies on the list accounted for $613.2 billion in sales, or about 68.7 percent of the total volume on the list.

The top three accounted for $435.2 billion in sales - nearly 46% of the market. Walmart, of course, led the way, with 28.9 percent of all sales. That's a whopping $258.5 billion.

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