July 28, 2009

Johanns asks for honesty on cap-and-trade

Twice in the last week, Nebraska Sen. Mike Johanns (R.) has had his thoughts on the climate change bill, aka "cap-and-trade", published in newspapers.

Today, his piece, Be honest with U.S. farmers about cap-and-trade, appears in the Des Moines Register.

Last week, his piece, Energy bill scary for ag industry, appeared in the Omaha World Herald.

In the two pieces, Johanns asks some important questions, makes a few good points and generally questions some of the Administration's estimates as to what cap-and-trade will cost farmers, rural communities and consumers.

Here are a few lines from the Register piece:

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack's essay about cap-and-trade sure makes the proposal sound good, but unfortunately the costs are real while the benefits for farmers and ranchers are theoretical. ...

... According to Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, "U.S. action alone will not impact world CO2 levels." This means that our competitors in Brazil, China, and India will produce without increased costs and regulation, while our producers will be shackled with both for no discernible environmental gain.

And from OWH:

And if you think this across-the-board increase in costs affects only farmers and ranchers, think again. If you’re reading this column with a side of eggs and a glass of juice, it affects you. If you’ve just grilled a nice steak or hamburger, it affects you.

Here's a podcast from the Nebraska Corn Growers Association - explaining why they did not support the House version of the climate change bill.

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