March 17, 2009

Ethanol myths won't go away

There have been two very negative editorials published in papers in the last few days. First in the Boston Globe ("King Corn cows Washington") and then in the Wall Street Journal ("Everyone hates ethanol").

Both are short sighted and continue to repeat ethanol myths that have been debunked time and again.

DTN made a few good points in reference to the article in the Globe, and the National Corn Growers have also sent a letter to the paper.

Growth Energy refuted the Wall Street Journal article on a fact by fact basis. To check that out, click here. NCGA also sent a letter.

Here is one of Growth Energy's responses to a line on CO2 and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions:

Using E15 instead of unleaded gasoline will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 million tons, equivalent to removing 10.5 million cars from our roads. The latest research published in the Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology found that ethanol plants reduce GHG emissions by up to 59 percent compared to gasoline.

Portions also referred to land use changes - but that's been covered. (Update: Covered here, too.)

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